Apple Launch New Netflix Competitor, Gaming service And Credit Card

Its been rumored for quite some time that Apple will be launching their very own TV service and today we finally found out what they had in store! In order to promote it, they got a whole bunch of our favourite celebrities to help them including Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Jason Mamoa, Oprah, Steve Carell, and Sara Bareilles just to name a few.

Apples new TV Services called Apple TV + is a subscription service with only Apple originals. Unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you don’t get access to a back catalog of licensed shows or movies.

Apple TV Plus is not a separate, standalone app. Instead, you’ll get to it using Apple’s TV app, which is expanding to many more devices over the coming months including android devices!

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Starting in May, the Apple TV app will offer add-on paid subscriptions and will be able to stream some shows and movies from Apple’s partners like HBO without bouncing you out to a third-party video service. I know it sounds very confusing but trust me in a few months time when we all have access it will all make sense and make our lives a hell of a lot easier! Along with this is an updated news and magazine service which is said to making finding news even easier.

They also announced a new game streaming service called Apple Arcade which will let users pay a subscription fee and stream unlimited games on their ios devices including mac with no ads. Great for parents whose kids have been buying apps on their iTunes accounts without asking! Apple has shown a few previews of the new games available and they look AH-MAZING!

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And finally, Apple are making a few new changes to Apple Pay and also a new Apple Card. Its a digital credit card that Apple are saying has no late fees, annual fees, international fees, over limit fees. They also added the more you pay off per month the less interest you will be charged. And if you don't notice where your spendings came from on your bank statement then Apple Maps will show you exactly where you spent it! And if you go anywhere that doesn't accept Apple Pay you can order a stainless steel card which looks very sexy. They have no numbers on the card for ultimate privacy.

I know that's a lot to take in but this year is going to be a great year for all us Apple users!