Facebook, Instagram and Whats App Are Down

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The world has gone into meltdown. If you have been having problems with your socials this morning don't stress! You're not alone! Facebook and Instagram appear to be partially down for some users around the world today. While you can open both platforms and some services appear to have been restored, users are reporting issues with sending messages on Messenger, posting to the feed on all Facebook products, and accessing other features on Facebook.com, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Other users noted that attempting to use Facebook to sign into apps like Tinder or Spotify wasn’t working either. Attempting to do so would bring up an error saying this feature isn’t available right now. If you were already signed into Spotify, it appears that your login is still valid, but once you sign out, you’ll be unable to get back in. 

If you need any advice take a deep breath, step outside and reflect on what it was like to live through the 90s while you can.