Is A MAFS Spin Off Happening?

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MAFS is getting more and more hectic each week so much so that we're all becoming so attached to these couples and their drama. What will we all do when it's over?

Well never fear! if you rumors are true we may see a MAFS spin-off very soon! It will be titled Married At First Sight: Honeymoon Island and will follow the same concept as the American version of the show (yes it's already a thing in other countries). The plot synopsis on the US website says "participants get a second chance at finding their soulmate. A group of 16 participants – fan favorites, unmatched candidates from previous seasons and the addition of some new faces, will be invited to an exotic island for the opportunity to make deep connections and work on falling in love. At the end of their stay, couples must decide whether they want to get married or leave the island alone"  

So who's rumoured to be joining the show? Ines Basic, Dino Hira, and last seaosn's Ryan Gallagher and Tracey Jewel!

As much as we all think the show is fake AF I'm definitely here for the spin-off! Are you?