MAFS SPOILER ALERT! Who's Been Caught Cheating?


First, she married Mick then tried to steal Nic from Cyrell and failed. Then she moved onto stealing Dan from Tamara and failed (or so we thought). After last nights episode, we saw Mick put his foot down to Jess's behavior and he decided it was time to leave her but she came back with a stay which means they're going to try work things out for another week.

Now after watching last nights episode the thought, "she's only staying so she has more time to get closer to Dan" crossed our minds and after seeing these photos from New Idea we weren't wrong!



Apparently, over the next few weeks, the whole Dan and Jess situation is going to be very similar to the Ines and Sam situation. Grab the popcorn because MAFS is about to get even more hectic!

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 11.53.00 am.jpg