Is Galentines Day still a thing?

Originally the brain-child of Leslie from Parks and Recreation, Galentines Day is a day celebrated on the 13th of February. It's a day for girls to get together and celebrate frienship! Awww... 

A warm and fuzzy idea - but do women still (if they ever) participate in this? I know for myself, my friends and I would celebrate Galentines ON Valentines Day and it was a great excuse to have a fancy meal out and some drinks with each other, single or not! However, in the last few years, with busy schedules that just get busier - the tradition has definitely fizzled out for us. Which is a shame! 

Just like any other "holiday", Galentines or Valentines should be considered just a bit of fun and not taken all to seriously, so if you do have the time (and the inkling) then why not have the girls over and pop some bubbly and spoil each other and celebrate friendship!