R Kelly Under Criminal Investigation After 'Surviving R. Kelly' Docuseries

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R. Kelly is reportedly under investigation after the docuseries 'Surviving R Kelly' aired last week. The six-part series features the victims and survivors of R. Kelly's "sex cult" as well as well know musicians and personalities. Over the years R. Kelly has been accused of pedophilia and manipulating women into his 'cult' and disconnecting them from their families. Throughout the documentary, we hear from survivors and the families of women still in the cult who haven't had contact with their loved ones in years. Authorities are yet to prove these claims to be true. R. Kelly has denied these accusations for years.

Investigators were flooded with calls once the six-part docuseries aired last week. Several survivors have allegedly been contacted including Asante McGee and Joycelyn Savage’s family. Investigators are also asking for contact information from others who lived in Kelly’s former Atlanta home or have knowledge of what happened in the home. Kelly has denied all allegations and vowed to retaliate by launching a website called SurvivingLies.com. He intends to expose his accusers as liars and reveal the true motivations behind their allegations.