How to style your next Bachelorette viewing party

Here at Magic 93.1 we are pretty Bachie obsessed... Well, one of our Breakfast hosts is anyway. No guesses who we mean.

Mariam threw her first ever Bachelorette Premiere Party on Wednesday night and wanted to share her tips for a Bachie themed event.

Candles and Roses

First things first. If it's Bachelor-related-anything you can expect there to be a LARGE amount of candles lit. (Actually. Who actually lights the candles on set? Ever wondered? ANYWAY.) Mariam lit no less than twenty five candles for her viewing party. There were two rows of candles lighting the hall-way, candles on the dining table among the grazing plates, candles on the television cabinet and on either side of the cabinet, and also candles along the top of the kitchen bench. When it comes to creating a "romantic" ambience, you just can't go wrong with the warm light that candles provide. Speaking of romance let's talk about the rose petals. A big bag of colourful rose petals sprinkled around the place not only brought some colour to the event but also helped create that feeling of romantic decadence. (It also brought some laughs to guests who thought it was over -the-top. Cute. But over-the-top).  


Fairy Lights

So easy and so effective! Some fairy lights, bought from the Reject Shop add to the ambuence in the house. Wrap around a pot plant or lay across a table for an extra touch!




Let's face it. This is probably the best part. For an event where friends are going to be gathered around, watching something on the television, a sit down dinner is not always the most practical. Having a 'grazing plate' is an easy and fuss-free way to go. Just grab a wooden board, your favousite snacks and some flowers for decoration and throw it all together. It's easy, affordable and your guests can snack all the way through the premiere!

Enjoy your next viewing party! Happy planning.