Priyanka Chopra is not just the future Mrs Nick Jonas

The actress stepped out at the launch for the new Tiffany & Co. Collection - The Four Seasons of Tiffany in New York City last night. While on the red carpet she gushed about her own Tiffany's ring from fiance Nick Jonas and also her recent ventures into the world of tech and business. Recently, the actress has invested in tech start-ups like Bumble and Holberton (a coding and software engineering school).

"I've been very instinctive; the same way that I pick my projects, I pick what I invest in. I ask myself, if I had the opportunity, would I use this? Would this be helpful to me? Because I am a girl who comes from a small town in India. I've traveled the world. I believe I've lived life in many different stages of different women, so I can think for a lot of women, because I've had each kind of upbringing. Those are the kind of things that I want to invest in, that I feel move the needle for the world a little bit".

Yes, go girl!