Nasser From MAFS Releases A Single


Nasser Sultan from Married at First Site has released a single. Since the show ended he has been on a tangant to make himself more famous. He went to extreme lengths to get back at haters on his instagram by tracking down their contact details. He even contacted the school of a 12 year old girl, who left a negative comment on one of his instagram posts, and claimed to be the girls father. Luckily they picked up it wasn't the real fathers phone number and he didn't get through to her. Since this Nasser has came out and said these rumours are "untrue" and claimed he recieved many death threats against both himself and his family after this story got out and he had gone to the police.

Well now he has released a single titled "Blue Tick" which is all about how he wants instagram to verify his account and put a blue tick next to his name. He sings over the top of 5SOS's "Young Blood". He revealed in an interview he plans to release the song onto iTunes very soon. Not sure how that will go down considering he doesn't own the rights to the track. According to him though 5SOS are friends of his and have given approval (something tells us Nasser might be telling fibs)

Watch a snippet from the song in his instagram post below. Let us know what you think?