You can now get a Bachelorette Premiere Party Pack. And we are here for it.

YES. This is real life! If you are as crazy about The Bachelorette series as I am then you too will be beyond excited to learn that you can now download a "Premiere Party Pack" to assist in making your Bachelorette Premiere viewing party complete.

Let's set the scene... You have the bubbly chilled, the grazing plate is out with your selection of brie, cheddar, bread sticks and beautifully cut strawberries... And now you can add to that - a paper cut out of our new Bachelorette Ali in all her bachie-red-gown finery. BACHELORETTE BUNTING. It's like Christmas. 

And it's not just the bunting on offer. The pack also includes Prediction Ballots, Will You Accept Our Rose Straws, A Popcorn Box, The Bachelorette Premiere Bingo and Sweetheart Decorations. To join in on the fun, get your pack here!

Happy Bachelorette Premiere Night!