A dramatic "goodbye" to the Bachie Villains!

Well it was certainly a gloriously dramatic episode of The Bachelor last night! After weeks of pretty nasty comments, bullying and generally a lot of "mean girls" behaviour, last night saw the end-of-the-road for the "mean girls" of the house - Cat, Romy and Alisha.

Ringleader Cat was spectacularly pulled aside by Nick so that he could get to the bottom of some of the accusations against her. Though Cat tried best she could to convince him she was "not a mean person", and even threw in some crocodile tears for good measure, Nick was not having it and asked her to please leave. Ouch! (Amazing). Following her departure, Romy turned down a rose at the ceremony saying it had all become too much and then Alisha did not receive a rose but was probably perfectly okay with that given her posse would no longer be there anyway.

Media outlets across Australia have been giving us life with full recaps and run-downs of the aftermath of the girls leaving the mansion. Even though filming wrapped months ago, the girls are apparently still reeling about how they were portrayed on the show. "I kind of regret having such an opninion. I feel like at times we were a little manipulated to feel comfortable enough to give our opinion, which is then being taken out of context, twisted, and turned and built into this incredibly bitchy storyline", Romy was quoted as saying to an an online news publication.

Hmmm, manipulated into feeling a false sense of security or not - you still had said the things you said, Romy! To quote the Honey Badger himself, "this is a house of love"!

Whilst it's important to not now go down the road of treating these women the way they were treating others in the house, one can't help but feel a huge sense of reliefe that they have in fact... Left. Phew!