Mediterranean Diet and Mental Health

It's Women's Health Week this week! It is a week dedicated to women all around Australia promoting good health and well being and encouraging women to make their health a priority.

Each day you can head to to have a read of their articles or have a listen to the various podcasts. Each day is also dedicated to a particular issue that affects women. 

Today's issue is all about mental health, and specifically how the foods we eat can really affect our mental health. It turns out the Mediterranean diet is a great diet to follow to get ourselves in a better mood! The diet is a mix of the culinary traditions of people living in France, Spain, Italy, Greece and the Middle East and involves eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, olives, nuts and fish and white meats. All fresh food and no processed food. Eating this way booosts your heart health but also improves brain function with all the healthy fats and antioxidants. This food is also full of Vitamin B which help produce the brain chemicals that impact mood and mental health.

What a great motivator to stock up our fridges with lots of healthy and fresh food that will leave us looking but most importantly feeling GREAT. It is definitely a good first step in taking care of our mental health.