Shnitzenfest 2018

Shnitzenfest has wrapped for another year! The boys from work-days, Chris and Scudda, took on a different venue each day for the last week. The mission was simple - order a chicken shnitty, then give a full review the next day.

Congratulations to all the participating restaurants on the following awards!

Best All Rounder - Berri Club

Best Breading - Waikerie Hotel

Best Gravy - Renmark Hotel

Best Salad Bar - Loxton Club

Best Atmosphere - Big River Tavern

Best Presentation - Renmark Resort

Best Value - Cobby Club

If you missed any of the reviews or if you just want to hear them again because they are THAT good, check it out below!

SHNITZENFEST 2018... What a week...

The festival kicked off on Monday night at Big River Tavern!

On Tuesday it was on to the Renmark Hotel...

Then Wednesday the Loxton Club!

Cobby Club time on Thursday...

The weekend brought the boys to Berri Club, Waikerie Hotel and the Renmark Golf Club!