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Did We Make The World's Greatest TikTok?

We're proud to present to you the world's greatest ever TikTok

@magic93.1 Digital might shut down the @Magic93.1 TikTok. We need your clicks to #SaveOurTikTok! #fyp #popular #viral ♬ original sound - Magic 93.1

With content like this, who could possibly consider shutting down our official Magic 93.1 TikTok?

Well, our digital team recently suggested that it might be worth closing our account due to lack of use, lack of followers, and a general lack of understanding of how to use TikTok on our part. As if!!

To secure the TikTok's place within our digital brand, Bob set out to create the world's greatest TikToks by stealing from other popular trends. A quick browse of the For You Page gave us some surefire viral ideas:

  • Do a rap about some instant noodles
  • Uses a sea chanty "sound"
  • Wear a vest

The sheer electricity of these elements combined speaks for itself. 

@magic93.1 Please like and subscribe to #SaveOurTikTok! #fyp #popular #shanty #viral ♬ original sound - Magic 93.1


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