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Dixon does South Oz proud with his awarding winning bod

We've all bore witness to the 'Dad Bod' trend that's swept across our online platforms, praising the softly round, built for warmth, kids-and-a-wife style physique - perhaps you've even seen one in real life. 

But the applause has actually been going one step further for a while now. Every year Budgey Smuggler kicks off a national scale search for Australia's most ordinary rig and low and behold the winner this year was... A SOUTH AUSSIE! Ladies and.... ladies, introducing Sean Dixon.
Check out the vid below with some highlights from the crowing event at the Ivy Pool in Sydney. Johnny & Paij are now on a mission to track down the winner and get him on the show next week. Stay tuned, we're going to search every West End pouring, Chicken Snitty serving pub in the state to find this legend!