Chris “The Man” Mueller has returned to the Riverland because he just loves us so much! You can catch Chris on-air on Magic playing the "Hottest Hits" in the Riverland! 


When he’s not busy fixing everyone else's problems here at the station, you’ll find him hanging out with his awesome dog “Jagger” or buying party lights and coffee cups from Cheap as Chips. That’s just how he rolls.

Get to know Chris 

Full name

Christian Wigglesworth Mueller (One of those is made up, guess which one)

Place of Birth

Melbourne, Victoria

Something you wouldn’t tell a first date

I spend more time than any normal person would think is healthy surfing the internet… 

Most Awkward Moment

I've been trying to successfully erase these from my mind… but they usually pop up again at 1am when I'm trying to get to sleep. Probably when I called my ex an old girlfriends name...totes awks. 

Something your parents don’t know about you

They have access to this page so…nothing! They know everything about me! Ehm. 

Favourite meal

Pizza, or chicken parmi – which I consider a pizza with a chicken base. 

Three things you’d take to a deserted island

Does the island get 4G reception? Wait, I'd run out of battery. I wonder how long it would take to print out all of Wikipedia...?

Three celebs you’d invite for dinner

Stephen Fry, Amy Poehler and 50 Cent. 

Hall pass 

Tove Lo…

Favourite place in the world:

New York...OK, so I've never been, but I have a weird obsession with the place. Pictures hang on all my walls.

Most trouble you’ve ever been in

See most awkward moment.