One Dead In NYC Helicopter Crash

A helicopter has crash landed on top of New York City skyscraper and burst into flames, reportedly killing the Pilot. 

At this stage, it is believed that the Pilot was the only person killed.  

Authorities are not linking the incident to terrorist activity, but New York Governor said many in the city vividly remembered what happened on 9/11.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo told media it appeared the helicopter attempted to make an emergency landing.

"If you're a New Yorker, you have a level of P.T.S.D., right, from 9/11,'' Mr Cuomo said. "I remember that morning all too well."

Mr Cuomo said his mind "goes where every New Yorker's mind goes" when he hears news of a plane or helicopter hitting a building.

Over 100 emergency workers were sent to the scene of the fiery crash and extinguished the flames.  Smoke billowing from the roof of a building in NYC is the last thing anyone wanted to see.    

US President Donald Trump tweeted thanks to the city's first responders who he said did a "phenomenal job."