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Local Riverland winegrape growers may be better equipped to navigate future global markets and the impacts of climate change, thanks to a new book from researchers from the University of Adelaide.

The book, “Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where? Provides snapshots of over 700 wine regions around the world, including the Riverland.

An interesting observation showed that while plantings have become much more international over the past three decades, the extent of varietal diversity both nationally and globally has shrunk. As well as half of the worlds wine grape plantings were made up of only 16 varieties.

Wine Australia General Manager Research, Development and Adoption Dr Liz Waters said the expanded book provides critical information and analysis to support future planning for the Australian wine sector.

University of Adelaide Professor Kym Anderson said “When planning or re-planting a vineyard, a wine grower’s choice of winegrape variety depends on expectations about production costs and marketability in 10–30 years’ time.

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