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Fruit fly Whetstone

With the long weekend upon us, we’re being reminded of the dangers of what a fruit fly outbreak could do to the region.

Local MP and Minister for Primary Industries Tim Whetstone is urging locals to remind friends and family who may be travelling to the Riverland not to bring any fruit.

Mr Whetstone said with the Mediterranean Fruit Fly outbreaks in metro Adelaide, any fruit and vegetables from the outbreak or suspension areas cannot be carried into the Riverland, even with a receipt.

Mr Whetstone also reminded the public that fines of $375 dollars will be issued to those who bring any fruit of veg to the region.

The Riverland’s fruit fly free status is seen as a vital market advantage to the Riverland’s primary producers.

Further info can be found via the PIRSA website.

IMAGE - Tim Whetstone MP.