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The Riverland speedway welcome Speedway bikes back to the track tomorrow.

Tomorrows dedicated speedway bike meeting is the largest since the return of motorcycles to the track only a few years ago.

A spokesperson from the Riverland speedway committee said they are looking forward to the meeting.

Nominations sees a stellar field of 8 modern solos as well as healthy fields of sidecars, classics and flat trackers.

Gates open at 5pm with racing to commence at 6pm.


Modern solo (8)
Teagan Pedler
Nicholas Possingham
Brian Johnson
Seth Hickey
Dayle Wood
Declan Knowles
Brayden Mcguinnes
Chris Cole

Modern sidecars (6)
82 Wayne Lethbridge- Grantley Simounds
617 Nathan Johnston- Dylan Schwikert
21 Aaron Silvy- Jaron Silvy
28 Nathan Cock- Jack McMahon
12 Brian Silvy- Cam White
111 Rick Adams- Letitia Matters

Classic sidecars (8)
82 Wayne Lethbridge- Grantley Simounds
33 Chris wakefield- TBA
63 Mark Bowen- Jarrod Woods
65 Jake Zock- Brady Bowen
30 Glenn Hollis- John Wilkosch
77 Paul mentas- Naomi Bullock
Bob Kemp- Nick Johns
23 Aaron Silvy- Jaron silvy

Classic solos
4 valve (6)
Darrell Branford
Anthony Davey
Teagan pedler
Andrew musgrove
Darryl Christopher
Seth Hickey

2 Valve
Andrew Musgrove

Senior Flat tracks (15)
84 Brenden Bishop
23 Cameron Diwell
24 Cody Heinrich
92 Matt LePoidevin
50 John White
69 Mike Sheather
51 Thomas Pilgrim
113 Brayden Bowes
2 Nick Waters
43 Ned Faulkhead
3 AJ woodberry
369 Josh Pascoe
273 Dale Knights
15 Chris Pascoe
6 Justin Southgate

Junior Flat Tracks
14- U16 (6)
41 Jacko Milner
295 Lucius Payne
470 Damon Burke
5 Kyle Machin
Seb O'halloren
95 Ava Faulkhead

10- U13 (2)
295 Lucius Payne
48 Chloe Ackerley