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Khaki weed

Riverland landholders are being asked to keep an eye out for a prickly weed that can cause several problems for agriculture and degrade public areas.

The Khaki Weed, native to south and central America is a dense mat-forming plant with the seeds of the weed causing damage to the feet and mouths of animals and degrading public areas.

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin (SAMDB) District Manager Riverland Hannah Spronk said “Khaki weed is difficult to control as it is deep-rooted, with a large tap root and able to live through long periods of drought, with the seed viable for more than five years,”

Those who suspect they’ve seen a khaki weed on or near your property are advised to call Natural Resources SA Murray Darling basin Berri on 8580 1800.

Image - Natural Resources SA