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Anne Ruston

The make-up of Senators for South Australia has now been declared, and is good news for local senator Anne Ruston.

While it’s been known for some time Ms Ruston was elected, the declaration yesterday has shown the local senator as SA’s top senator.

The final tally saw Senator Ruston from the liberal party joined by 2 other party members to see the party have 3 senate seats, the ALP picked up 2 and the greens have one.

It’s been a big few months for the local senator who recently was announced as the minister for families and social services.

SA Senate declaration in order of election.

  1. RUSTON, Anne Liberal
  2. GALLACHER, Alex Australian Labor Party
  3. FAWCETT, David Liberal
  4. SMITH, Marielle Australian Labor Party
  5. HANSON-YOUNG, Sarah The Greens
  6. ANTIC, Alex Liberal