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Regions like the Riverland may see fewer backpackers from the United Kingdom, following recent free trade talks between Australia & the United Kingdom. 

For decades many backpackers from the UK have done their 88 days of Agricultural work in the Riverland.

The deal is the first major free trade deal the UK has negotiated since leaving the European Union.   

While the deal may benefit local exports, including Wine it's understood brits under 35 wouldn’t need to work on farms to secure longer visas, such is the case now.

Federal Ag minister David Littleproud responded to the deal saying he has secured a commitment from the Prime Minister to fill any gap that arises.

Minister Littleproud  added further “The new seasonal agricultural worker visa would extended to all ten ASEAN countries and would mirror the existing Seasonal Worker Programme adding to the pool of workers available to work on Australian farms"

Image - Artem Beliaikin from Pexels