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Riverland hoons may see their cars crushed sooner, following an amendment to the Clamping, Impounding and Forfeiture of Vehicles Act.

From the 1st of July irresponsible road users must pay a minimum fee of $1,135.50 to release their vehicle from SAPOL after the 28-day confiscation period ends.

Following the confiscation period, offenders will have 10 additional days to pay the fee before SAPOL can dispose of the vehicle.

SAPOL Assistant Commissioner Ian Parrott said: “A car can turn into a weapon when used inappropriately and SA Police is committed to ensuring all South Australians can use our roads safely.”

Recently a number of motorists had been caught speeding well over the limit with one caught at 172KP/H in April on the Sturt Highway in a 110KP/H zone.

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