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Rural Aid Asks Us to be More Water Conscious


While much needed rain has brought welcome relief to devastatingly parched parts of Australia so far this year, Rural Aid has issued a statement about zealous water usage, which continues to pose a challenge for the country.

CEO of Rural Aid, John Warlters, said primary producers have been heavily impacted by severe rainfall deficiencies in recent years and whole industries have reported record downturns.

“Both cotton growers and viticulturalists reported their smallest crops in decades, despite recent improvements in drought tolerance innovations to achieve ‘more crop per drop’,” Mr Warlters said.

The latest ABS data shows total water use has increased by six per cent over a twelve month period, with households increasing their use by four per cent and individuals increasing theirs by five per cent.

He says we can do our bit to help by changing behaviours.

“The stark fact is Australians are the highest users of water per person in the world, despite living the driest inhabited continent.”

“Consistent or even predictable rainfall is not a luxury we enjoy here on this wide brown land.”

Rural Aid frequently delivers water to towns and families in need.

“From replenishing water for livestock, to supplying fresh water for long-awaited showers and clothes washing, the water delivered by Rural Aid has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for drought-affected families around Australia.”

“Through Rural Aid, everyday Australians have been able to make a big difference in tiny towns during the longest lasting drought in our nation’s history.”

Photo bySüleyman ŞahanfromPexels