Game of Thrones Episode 3 Trailer (spoilers)

This season you really need to be watching Game of Thrones as it happens to avoid the spoilers and I suggest you watch Episode 2 of season 8 before you watch this video tease for episode 3.

Ok.. now that we have that out of the way, how good does that look?

The first two episodes featured a fair bit of talking and not much action. It does seem however that it is all building up to this moment in the final 4 episodes of the series. Will the Knight King destroy Winterfell and then make his way down to Cersei? In Game of Thrones anything can happen.

Ep 3 will also be the longest so far as well. 

Ep 1 was around 54 mins

Ep 2 was around 58 mins

Ep 3 will be 82 mins. So you'd better have some popcorn ready and a comfy chair because you won't want to look away from what should be a spectacular history making episode of television. 

The series has captured the attention of everyone including some familiar furry friends that are using the popularity to spread a very important message.