You're storing cucumbers all wrong!


Nobody likes a mushy cucumber, so are you storing the versatile veggie correctly?

Cucumbers are one of the healthiest snacks out there and much like lettuce contain 96% water.

This high water volume can however make it hard to prolong the classic cuc's freshness, and while many of us assume it's best to store them in the fridge or crisper, that might not be the case.

Food blogger and chef, Jerry James Stone, has declared to his 82.6K followers on Twitter that they might be storing cucumbers all wrong!


 Jerry James Stone specialises in vegetarian cooking, and after one quick scroll of his Twitter feed you'll notice he's a bit cucumber obsessed.

If you're not quite convinced that the fridge is enemy territory for the green vine plant, Melanie Mendelson of has an equally enlightening method on how to best store cucumbers in the fridge.

Wrap each cucumber individually in a paper towel, then put all cucumbers wrapped in paper towels inside the plastic bag. Put the plastic bag with the cucumbers in a refrigerator. That’s it!  It works like magic – the cucumbers will stay perfectly fresh for the whole week!

If you're dealing with cut cucumbers (as opposed to whole) a similar method will do the trick! Wrap them in paper towels, chuck them in an airtight container, and stick them in the fridge.

Image Credit: (Matthias Zomer / Pexels)