Aussies Win Big in Million Dollar Video Competition

Two Aussies have won a share of 1 million dollars in a competition held by action cam producers GoPro.

The two very talented and lucky Australians Aaron Sullivan (@azzaj) and Harry Morris (@hzzmozz) will receive $17,857 USD each for their entries in a competition that allowed people to upload footage they had taken with their GoPro Hero 9 Blacks. 

Every one of the 56 participants that were selected to have their video feature in the montage above will receive a share and there were over 29,000 entries from 125 countries which formed over 250 hours of video to sift through.

From high flying plane stunts to donuts in a snow buggy and a full-on trapeze the video shows people at their most extreme as well as some amazing artful shots of umbrellas and leaves which are stunning. 

The video can be watched over and over and you'll still pick up some new things each time. It really shows that even in the isolated year we've had people have managed to get out and enjoy their full lives doing some pretty amazing things.