Resident Alien Trailer: Close Encounters meets CSI

A new TV show is coming in 2021 that looks like Close Encounters meets CSI, and it's called Resident Alien.

The premise of the TV series is that an alien crash lands on earth who takes over the body of a local small-town doctor Harry Vanderspeigle (played by Alan Tudyk).

Whilst trying to recover space ship parts, Alien Harry tries to fit in by solving the crime of a local murder.

Check out the trailer above or if you want a special sneak peek, the first 7 mins of the show is available to watch right now just below!

Alan Tudyk is probably best known for his work on the TV show Firefly (which has a massive cult following after its untimely cancellation in the early 2000's).

Alan can also be heard over the years as the voice in several animated movies and TV Series like Harley Quinn, American Dad, and the Big Hero 6 series.

The series is set to debut on 27th January on SyFy Channel in the US. No local streaming service has announced picking up Resident Alien for Australia at this time.