Cougar Attack on Video! Mountain Lion Stalks Hiker for 6 Minutes

Ever have that feeling you’re being watched? Well, this bloke in Utah was followed by a mountain lion during a run and caught the terrifying experience on video!

Kyle Burgess filmed the six-minute video whilst on a run in Utah and explained he thought he found bobcats on the trail which turned out to be cougar cubs and the mother was definitely not happy to see him.


During the scary encounter, he keeps a close eye on the cougar whilst walking backwards down the trail. The cougar persistently follows him, whilst aggressively lunging at him to get away but eventually runs off at the end of the video.

At the end of the video, he says with his hands shaking:

"Yeah, so that just happened... Wow, did you see that? Holy cow! Yeah, not going back that way…”

Although cougar attacks are rare, they do happen with a total of 125 attacks and 27 fatal reports happening in North America in the past 100 years.

You probably won’t come across one in Australia, but if you happen to see a cougar in the wild, the AWLS says ‘DO NOT RUN’. Running will trigger the animal's prey response and it will chase you down.


"Instead, face the mountain lion and back away slowly. Make yourself appear threatening by standing tall, shouting, maintaining intense eye contact, and raising whatever you have around you (jacket, backpack, bicycle…) to look larger."