Uno Stacking Rule Upsets the Internet

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Our favourite card game Uno has come out and clarified a rule for playing and the internet is behaving like a rebellious toddler.

The official Uno twitter account explained: “You cannot STACK a +2 on a +2”.

This means that if a player puts down a +2 card, and it’s your turn next, you have to draw two cards and forfeit your turn. You can’t throw down a +2 and stack.

But Uno also said in their tweet: “Go ahead, roast us.”

So of course the internet did exactly that.

Some people decided they knew the rules better:

People even pulled out the rule book but Uno still clarified:

“What this means is, player A drops a +2, player B draws 2 cards and loses their turn, then player C is free to play another +2. But player D can still only draw 2 cards. There is no stacking of any cards allowed.”

And don’t even get started with skipping:

If you’re a die hard physical card game player and hate the new rules, you might want to switch to the PC game, where you can still stack til your heart’s content.

Or, you know, you can just ignore the rules and carry on as usual! No harm no foul.

Will you play by the new rule or carry on and not care?