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Cop strip search 'nice and slow': patron

A police officer allegedly warned she'd make a strip search "nice and slow" if a Sydney music festival attendee didn't tell her where she was hiding drugs.

Whistleblower still hoping for open court

A former military lawyer charged with leaking classified information to the media has struck a deal with the Commonwealth about how the sensitive information will be dealt with in court.

Downstream Murray licences need MP's tick

Victoria is cracking down on sourcing irrigation water from the Murray River and has urged other states to do the same in a bid to ensure environmental flows.

Pressure mounts in Qld over miner deaths

The deaths of six Queensland miners in the past 12 months has prompted an emergency meeting of government, industry and union representatives to tackle on site safety.

Minister rules out selling NBN to Telstra

Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has ruled out selling the National Broadband Network to Telstra when the rollout of the $51 billion project is finished.