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Kangaroo on the loose in Mississippi

JoJo the kangaroo is on the loose in Mississippi and a tasteless joke on Facebook about capturing the escapee marsupial and turning him into a stew has made locals hopping mad.

JoJo, a member of the Wild Acres mobile zoo, was visiting children at a Gulfport, Mississippi school on Wednesday when he got loose.

There have been JoJo sightings, some captured on video, around Gulfport by locals forced to do double takes at seeing the strange sight of a kangaroo bouncing down Mississippi streets.

Gulfport Police are involved in the search that so far is yet to corner the one-year-old kangaroo.

"Not a normal BOLO (all-points bulletin) but we know we can count on you Gulfport!" Gulfport Police wrote in a tweet.

"If you see JoJo please call 868-5959 he was last seen in the area of Canal off Washington Avenue."

The search also has it's own hashtag: #findjojo

And Facebook page: Bring Jo Jo Home.

The media and social media exposure for the search did inspire Facebook user Christian Lee to post a photo of a kangaroo next to a pot of stew.

"Found this guy on the side of the road on my way home from work today," Lee wrote.

"Didn't know we had kangaroos in Mississippi WTF?

"Me and the family ate good tonight tho."

Other Facebook users were not impressed.

"This is someone's very loved animal," one wrote.

"Don't be a jerk."

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