Get the chimney checked

June 6, 2023 8:58 am in by

As winter sets in there’s further house fire warnings from the MFS.

Last year they responded to over 60 house fires caused by home heating linked to chimneys and fireplaces.

Of the fires directly linked to chimneys and fireplaces, almost 70% were caused by ineffective cleaning and maintenance.

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The MFS are calling for those with fireplaces to get them checked and get chimneys and flues cleaned.

MFS Community Engagement Officer Phil Evans said “Anyone with a solid fuel fire, regardless of whether it is an open fire or a slow combustion heater, should have their flues, chimneys and fireplaces checked and cleaned by a qualified person at least once a year to prevent a dangerous build-up of flammable material inside the chimney,”

Further fireplace safety tips can be found via the MFS website.