Further Basin plan tweaks

December 1, 2023 8:59 am in by
Image by Kathryn Bowman (nee Selfe) from Pixabay

Amendments to return water to the Murray Darling Basin Plan have now passed the senate.  

To gather support needed to see its passage through, an extra $100M has been promised to the greens for Indigenous water.

While $50M has been promised for the upper Murrumbidgee in return for ACT Senator David Pocock’s support.

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Local Liberal MP, Tony Pasin remains strongly opposed to the water buyback element of the reforms, outlining extra costs being placed on taxpayers.

Pasin said further “This Legislation signifies a policy direction based on Green ideology rather than science or economics and it will be to the detriment of Basin communities and the food and fibre they produce,” 

Some commentary has suggested as much as $10B will be needed to secure the 450G/L water needed to see the plan completed.