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The Riverland wakes up with Magic 931’s Lachie & Paij!

Lachie's usually filling our tired heads full of some interesting or irreverent fact. Lachie also wakes you up with the 'hottest hits' in the Riverland every single morning, the news you need to know and the laughs that make you forget about the day ahead!


Full name 

Lachlan Robert James Winnall

Place of Birth


Something you wouldn’t tell a first date

My life is an open book , whatever you tell me I could use on radio.

Most Awkward Moment

Running out of fuel in mums car once and having to call her to tell her to bring us fuel so she could have her car back.

Something your parents don’t know about you

Once I said yes to a radio job I vomited and said “ what have I done”

Favourite meal

Traditional Greek Yiros.

Three things you’d take to a deserted island 

Ipad, solid Wi-FI connection, a nice boat both for cruising and skiing purposes.

Three celebs you’d invite for dinner

Bruce Macavaney, Mark Webber, Will Farrell (he also could bring his mate Ron Burgundy)

Hall pass: 


Favourite place in the world

Hopfgarten , Austria

Most trouble you’ve ever been in 

Not really trouble but I did accidently set off a fire alarm once.


Full name
Paige Elizabeth Leacey

Place of Birth
Sydney, Australia

Something you wouldn’t tell a first date?
That I hated his shoes.

Most Awkward Moment?
When I sing Taylor Swift. Awkward for others. Not me.

Something your parents don’t know about you?
How much I love them.

Favourite meal?
A big one.

Three things you’d take to a deserted island?
Thongs. Hammock. Basic Spanish book.

Three celebs you’d invite for dinner?
This changes for me regularly. The last time I thought deeply about it (10 minutes ago), it was Russell Brand, Elon Musk and Michael Cera. But Russell probably has some outlandish sophisticated dietary requirements so I don’t think I could handle the pressure of preparing sugar free, certified transitional, activated, probiotic laden options for every course. If I am having celebrities over I am obviously going to do a degustation. Maybe I’d swap Brand for someone a little less critical. Musk is smart so he is going to want Omega 3’s in his food, which means salmon, at least for one course, which is tricky 'cos tryna flip a fish for the dude that invented self-driving-cars and the space technology to travel to Mars will make me poop myself (not a great first impression), so maybe I’ll invite him for the next dinner. I don’t think Michael Cera would be too fussy a guy, but then again I haven’t met him. He’s pretty understated on camera which could mean he always plays the opposite of himself. Risky. Jesse Einsberg is probably a safer option.

Jimmy Fallon, Jay Weatherill and Jesse Einsberg.

Hall Pass?
Scott Eastwood. Swap Jesse Einsberg for Scott Eastwood.

Favourite place in the world:
Full and in bed.

Most trouble you’ve ever been in?
I don’t get caught.




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