NT's Resin Moon

Before flying south to Tassie to work with KRAM at the Festival of Voices, Dave, the man behind Alice Springs based Resin Moon, joined us on OzMade.  Catch up on our chat here:  

The latest from Illy

The latest album from Illy, "Two Degrees" has brought him a heap of success, and his latest, featuring Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive fame, is one of his faves off the album. Check out the video for Oh My, and join us on OzMade this Friday night (19/05), when we catch up with Illy.

Have you seen Ben Lee's new duo?

Josh Radnor is probably best known as Ted, from How I Met Your Mother.  Well, get to know him as one half of Radnor & Lee - his new musical duo with Aussie, Ben Lee. This is "The first single from Josh Radnor and Ben Lee's debut album. "Be Like the Being" is a...

Check out these OzMade Unsigned Finds

From behind the drumkit of a metal band, to frontman and vocalist of Joy in Motion, Jake joined us for a chat about the creation of this new band.. Shane Burgess has become finalist for some pretty prestegious awards for the music he's been creating.  Check out our chat, and his latest...

CDB - Tailored for Now

Remeber this classic from 1995?  'This is how we do it' has been Tailored for Now by CDB, who have re-created some of their favourite classic R'n'B hits for their new album, out now. Even more good news for fans of CDB, they will be heading out on tour later this year...