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Man who shot Australian had police calling

The Minneapolis police officer who shot and killed Australian woman Justine Damond is a young Somali-American and father who felt called to work in law enforcement after getting a college degree in business.

Abbott's surprising chat with dying man

When documentary maker Jeremy Ervine listened in on a dying man's phone call with Tony Abbott, he was floored by some of the then-prime minister's views.

Cheesemaker in a stink over stolen cheddar

A British cheesemaker is offering a 500 pound ($A824) reward for the recovery of 40 kilograms of prize-winning cheddar stolen from an agricultural show in south-west England.

Royal couple meets Holocaust survivors

Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate have visited a former Nazi concentration camp in Poland where they heard the personal accounts of Holocaust survivors.

China won't take any more foreign garbage

China has notified the World Trade Organization (WTO) that it will stop accepting shipments of rubbish such as waste plastic and paper as part of a campaign against "foreign garbage".

Anger grows after police shoot Aust woman

Justine Damond and Mohamed Noor were two strangers from distant lands who arrived in America to fulfill their dreams, but in a tragic meeting in a Minneapolis alley one was killed and the other could face serious criminal charges.